About Us

Coverage You Can Count On


Hide-ees are the answer to what active girls wear under skirts, dresses, tutus and uniforms!  With Hide-ees, girls are covered, from pre-school through High School, and beyond.  No more crisscrossing your fingers for the best when your daughter sits crisscross apple sauce or, down the road, when she crosses the street in the uniform skirt you’re pretty sure was a bit longer just a few days ago.   No matter the path, your girl can run, jump, skip, flip, and grow in every way, carefree, with our playground pants, a modesty garment she'll want to wear. Hide-ees.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We stand behind our products 100% and we'll do what it takes to make you, our customer, 100% satisfied because when it come to coverage under skirts, we don't want to fall short!  Please contact us anytime about our baby and children's clothing playground pants or anything else at hi@hide-ees.com or call us at 404-836-0444.

Quality, Comfort, Confidence and Cuties! The best in baby and children's clothing


Our girls deserve the best!  And parents deserve a fuss-free, worry free, dressing experience, especially when it comes to modesty garment for under skirts.  Hide-ees are reported to be true to size, durable, and comfy over and over again!  Girls want to wear them!. They're the best playground pants around. Care-free, flashin'-free activity = happy child, happy parents and happy grandparents!