We believe in Fashion, not Flashin-- it's our motto! 

Back in 2007, after a few flashin' moments, think large family events and on stage at a preschool "musical," the need for Hide-ees was realized!  Having just co-chaired a pre-school auction together, we were up to any task.*   So, we sketched, sewed, and used countless M&M's as payment for our fit models (a.k.a. our daughters) to create our comfy, adorable, two-panel design.   We feel we met our goal of a unique design that was not merely bike shorts re-packaged and sold as panty covers.  For example, we eliminated the gusset--if one doesn’t want to see panties, one probably doesn’t want to see a gusset, either, right? Our springy ruffle is more than just a girly-touch--it hugs the leg gently, helping our product stay put.

Now, Hide-ees will be there when your little girl needs 'um, and they’re so comfy, girls aren’t just wearing them under dresses, they’re wearing them to gymnastics, ballet, just loungin’ around...and even over tights!!

Check out our new line of Leggings, too!

With Warm Regards,

Sarah and Brooks

Founders of Hide-ees

*Volunteer moms, we must stand united!  We LOVE donating product to schools and charity auctions.  Send us an email through the contact page and let us know about your event.